Elderly man talking to a carer with a city skyline in the background


Providing the support you need, while protecting your independence and respecting your dignity. 

At Helping Hands, RESPECT isn’t just a word – it’s the driving force behind everything we do, both within our team and for our valued service users. It’s not just a set of principles; it’s a commitment that shapes the core of our organisation.

At Helping Hands, we see Respect as a promise to our team members and those we serve. It’s more than a task; it’s a lifelong attitude dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others in the communities we call home.

For us, showing respect and caring for others goes beyond being a job; it’s a continuous commitment to creating a better world for our colleagues and service users. 

Our vision and values might sound ambitious, but we’re proud of that. We understand that it’s the countless small acts of kindness and selfless moments that gradually build and shape the larger vision and culture we aspire to.

Our values aren’t just ideals; they’re practical guidelines. When embraced and put into action, they contribute to building a stronger organisation and a more compassionate community. Every little act of kindness adds up to create a more caring and supportive environment for all.

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