Respecting our long-serving team members

November 28, 2019

We are delighted to have formally introduced long-service awards here at Helping Hands. These gestures are a small way of recognising the years of dedication and hard work contributed by our care staff, branch workers and management.

Management decided it was time to acknowledge staff who, year after year, in the face of many challenges, continue to put their heart and soul into what we do here every day at Helping Hands.

We recently enjoyed anniversary celebrations with dedicated carers from the East Branch, Dorothy Brydon and Anne Foster, who have both been with the organisation for 20 years.

Alison Dickson, branch manager based in Cramlington, mentioned the personal support Dorothy has given to her family, stating that Dorothy “has always been dedicated to her work; she’s always bubbly and is well-liked.” Alison described Anne as being someone who is “always delivering high standards”, making her “a valued member of the team.”

More long service milestones have been achieved in other branches. These include Dianne Forster, who celebrated being part of our organisation for 25 years, and Jean White with her 20 years as part of the Specialist Care Services team. Both received flowers and a huge ‘thank you’ from management and colleagues.

Alison described how she is “proud to have Dianne as part of the widespread team.” Sharon King, head of Specialist Care Services, highlighted how Jean “often goes above and beyond for service users, helping out at short notice.”

Our managing director, David Harrison, said: “Acknowledging the long-service of some of our staff has been long overdue. I’m delighted to celebrate those who have shown great loyalty, respect and dedication to our community – such individuals are the bed-rock of the organisation.”


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