Delivering and planning further improvements

October 16, 2019

Helping Hands has produced a new, annual Quality Improvement Plan. This document shows some of the key improvements everyone has made across the organisation during the last year and highlights our plans for the next 12 months.

You can find the Plan and further details on this website in the DOWNLOADS section.

The management is trying to be ambitious, while also acknowledging the pressures within a cash-starved, challenging environment.

The document recognises the great work and efforts being done by care staff, branch workers and management. Continued improvement is only possible if we all pull together.

Our MD, David Harrison, says: “Our care team, branch workers and senior management are doing a fabulous job; they’re working hard to deliver the high quality, service-user focussed care organisation that I’m determined to operate across our communities.

“This doesn’t have a simple start and finish; we’re making a commitment to continuous quality improvement. There is no finish line.”

The Plan highlights successful recent projects along with the initiatives and workstreams planned for next year. These will support and lead to improvements across our services, driving better results for service users and staff teams.

These improvements are set against an uncertain and volatile political environment. A much-delayed Green Paper on the long-term funding of social care continues to be delayed by politicians who are distracted by other matters. This places funding pressure on local authority budgets, the very people who primarily pay for our care services.

David Harrison added: “This document is not a one-off; I will regularly update everyone on what we are doing, how we are doing and what we’re planning to do the following year. It’ part of our never-ending, continuous improvement process.”

At the heart of the matter and our organisation is RESPECT, an aspirational philosophy that drives everything we do, internally and externally. Everyone is encouraged to embrace our collective responsibility to make life better for colleagues and service users.


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