dementia care

We have decades of experience of providing dementia care at home for people with dementia. We fully understand the huge challenges faced by those affected by dementia along with the impact on families.

More than 800,000 people are living with dementia in the UK. With more than 100 types of dementia, Alzheimer’s the most common, the symptoms reveal themselves in different ways in different people.

Dementia is caused by damage to the brain, which deteriorates over time making the symptoms worse.

Our dementia care specialists understand that everyone responds and manages differently, and that’s why we design bespoke healthcare at home support plans for you or your loved ones.

People with dementia need to have their dignity and privacy respected at all times. We recognise that people are often upset or embarrassed because of the early onset of dementia.

Our years of dementia care experience have shown that caring for those with memory loss has real benefits for everyone involved. We build relationships with our users and their families, working hard to provide tailored care.

Our Dementia Care Promise

We can provide you or your loved one with a flexible level of help at home. Designed to offer occasional care for those who are just starting to find it harder to look after themselves. This could mean a weekly visit to help at home with household tasks or a series of visits designed to maintain your independence.

Some people need help with medication, errands outside the house, or companionship. No matter the level of care that’s needed, we ensure the right support arrives at the right time.

Carers can also provide overnight care or temporary cover for families and friends already caring for a loved one with dementia.

We’re able to provide a regular, reliable source of support and companionship – a familiar face during a challenging time.

For more information on our bespoke dementia services to suit your specific needs then please contact us for a chat.

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